We offer a variety of care and support packages in the comfort
of the client’s home to suit individual needs.

We understand that as time goes by, tasks that were once simple may become challenging. Premier Carewaiting aims to help solely in the areas needed.  Our Client’s independence is important to us and therefore we will do everything we can to ensure our clients are in control.

Our services include extensive care needs in addition to assistance with daily tasks, housework and shopping. We provide regular visit from 30 minutes to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to help with a range of tasks such as:

  • Personal care
  • Managing medication
  • Helping to mobilise in and around the home
  • Household tasks including shopping and meal preparation
  • Catheter and stoma management
Respite/ Sitting Service

Caring for your loved ones can take a physical and emotional toll. When was the last time you took a break and took care of yourself? If your answer was “I don’t know” or a long time ago, let us help you. Our respite services can provide you with a well needed break so you can be in the best condition to look after your loved one

Companion Care

A care worker can visit a client or accompany them out and about in the event that they have no other support nearby. The care worker would become a friendly and trusted face who can offer companionship.

Extensive Care

Dementia Care

We are aware of the importance of familiar surroundings and a regular routine when living with Dementia (or Alzheimer’s disease) which is why our care workers offer the necessary support to ensure the client’s comfort,.

Palliative Care

When a client has a terminal illness or a serious life-threatening condition, Premier Carewaiting understands that it is a sensitive and stressful time. As a result, we offer quality palliative care by trained carers with a wealth of experience who are able to offer support to the client and their loved ones.

We create personalised plans for homecare that suit the individual needs of our clients and their families. Our service focuses on improving your loved ones quality of life whether that is through medication management, providing personal care or sharing old stories over a cup of tea.

While some people receive palliative support within a hospice or residential nursing home,  it is also possible to administer at home and is becoming a popular choice for many individuals who want to stay in a familiar and comfortable environment.

Overnight Care

If your loved one requires support in order to stay safely in their own home, we are able to give them the care that they need. We offer two types of overnight care:

Sleeping Night

In this situation, a carer would sleep in your loved ones home, in a separate room but be on hand to help if needed. This is an invaluable service for those who may be anxious about being left alone at night and may (or may not) require some physical support or prompting with medication. The carer would be there for at least eight hours and not be expected to get up more than twice during the course of the night.

Waking Night

With this option, the carer would be awake and on duty throughout the night and therefore does not need a bed or a room. This home-care option is best if your loved one wakes up more than twice in the night on a regular basis or if they need assistance taking medication at specific times or changing their position at frequent intervals to avoid pressure sores.